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  • What role does masculinity play in our community? That’s such an interesting question because from experience, it has always appeared that we live in a culture where women are in control, at least on a family-level. I come from a two-parent household, but I have many more friends who came from single-parent where their mother was the head of the…[Read more]

  • I agree totally with your statements. Technology and service automation is sorely lacking. Some might find the vision for more automation to be threatening to job opportunity, however, what many fail to realize in the Territory is that government services should be a small percentage of a society’s workforce anyway. Like you mentioned, the…[Read more]

  • The Virgin Islands needs to redefine what mental health means to our community. From growing up here, I’ve only really engaged with the notion of mental health when talking about the homeless people on the street who we just assumed had “mental issues”. However, the spectrum of what people go through and struggle with mentally far exceeds those…[Read more]

  • There been news recently of raises given to high-level government employees (some of which was incorrectly reported). It got me thinking about how in the Virgin Islands we have too many “high-level” or “advisory” positions created which are given exorbitant salaries. On the surface, it seems like these advisory roles would benefit the community…[Read more]

  • I am all for sustainable tourism! I think that there is an untapped market when it comes to attracting tourists who are looking for a more meaningful experience when they travel or vacation. Usually, these tourists are also younger than “cruisers”. So I think we need to let go of, or distance ourselves from, the mass tourism model, especially…[Read more]

  • I’ve been feeling really proud to be a Caribbean woman lately in the local political climate that we’ve found ourselves in. And, before I go on, I would like to give full disclosure that my mother, Marise James, is a candidate for Lt. Governor in this year’s gubernatorial race, but I hope my thoughts are considered objective regarding how…[Read more]

  • This past March, I went on a cruise with my mother and sister to the Dutch Caribbean – Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Sint Maarten, and was fascinated/frustrated with the amazing displays of public art and monuments dedicated to local island history and people.
    I was fascinated by these communities’ proud dedication to displaying their history,…[Read more]

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    My worst customer service experiences have been at government agencies here, especially at the DMV. In the past two years that I’ve gone to register my car, I’ve tried different approaches to accommodating the employees to make their job easier and still receive pretty hostile or rude treatment. I was so frustrated after the experience this…[Read more]

  • I definitely believe that we’re going to see more people leave the island permanently, which is super unfortunate. Besides the fact that a storm threat is going to throw the entire population into a collective PTSD episode after the sheer experience we had last year, I don’t think that the community has much faith in the powers-that-be to support…[Read more]

  • I believe the legalization of Cannabis would economically benefit the Territory whether through the medical route, recreationally–definitely both. I think that most of the population would be on board…especially after the vote we had on the 2014 election ballot. So, the conversation I have begun having with people is not whether it should be…[Read more]

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    Hi, a little late to the party. I’m Sydney. Very excited to be a part of these amazing conversations! It’s refreshing to know there are others trying to have these conversations that are difficult to have elsewhere in this territory. Looking forward to contributing! -Syd

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