• I see the privatization of prison as a sale of our corrections system, and furthermore a dereliction of duty on the part of the government and the affected or wronged society. Since it is the government and “the people” who clamour for laws and punishments for crimes.

    The idea of prison privatization is the same, to me, as the basis for the the…[Read more]

  • The current level of technology use is minimal among law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Virgin Islands in comparison to the rest of the United States. Local law enforcement, specifically the Virgin Islands Police Department [V.I.P.D.], are failing by twenty-first (21st) century technology standards. The use of technology is limited to desktop…[Read more]

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    A business locally can be both successful and ethical if their business is customer service oriented, they know how to market their commitment to ethics, and can consistently produce high quality service. A general rule of business is that a happy customer is a repeat customer. If customers are treated with respect and consideration by a company…[Read more]

  • White-collar crime does more damage than street crime as white-collar crimes are perpetrated on larger scales, often victimize more people at once than street crimes, and affect the ethical and fair financial structure of a society which has been linked to increases in street crimes.

    Financial crimes are perpetrated on larger scales. As a result,…[Read more]

  • The narrative painted by popular culture with regards to the disposition of correction officers overall is rigid, authoritative, and absolute in adhering to disciplinary measures.

    However, in the course of reading and reviewing the literature on this topic, I admit that education and race were the two factors that came to mind when hypothesizing…[Read more]

  • The age perspective indicates a potential to internalize, greatly, the influence of that which is constant and rational to an individual observed within a specific age range. The focus locally was at one point, young Black boys, through programs such as Weed&Seed, P.A.L., The Law & You, D.A.R.E. and Police Cadets, along with extracurriculars such…[Read more]

  • To address and rectify the way psychological theory is valued in the local law enforcement, prosecution, and offender rehabilitation (but more importantly the Government’s desire for a guilty verdict rather than aligning all motives with justice, as we’re aware that is not always the case for criminal trials), the way statistics are presented a…[Read more]

  • In talking to many of the retired government employees and new graduates from U.V.I. and other schools who are returning home, one of the biggest deterrents in seeking government employment was and still is the mandatory GERS contribution. There are many who are of retirement age who decided to remain employed with the GVI (Gov’t of the VI)…[Read more]

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  • One of the most rewarding and lasting educational experiences I’ve had at the collegiate level was a distance learning course that centered around criminology, in essence, a social experiment that sought to pair university students with federal inmates in one hybrid course.

    The pilot course was derived from an already established pedagogy where…[Read more]

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