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    I recently walked a road on St. Thomas and noticed many dead iguanas and chickens. I remember when I attended UVI I learned that Iguanas like to wander on the asphalt for heat as they don’t regulate body temperature like us Humans do. This puts them in a noticeably bad situation on these roads. I remember thinking how cool it would be for iguana…[Read more]

  • Advancements in technology has presented us with some questions about how our children are affected by its use in and out of the classroom settings. Some parents take the precaution outside of school to monitor and protect their child’s use of smart phones and other devices to ensure that their is no abuse or harmful content that can be exposed to…[Read more]

  • While recovering from the devastation of two category 5 hurricanes the Tourism sector had an eye opening moment. With the destruction of many of the major hotels how and where will tourists spend their money? Pssh.. that’s easy right? Cruise ships come in from December to May and they have guests who spend money when they land right?


    While…[Read more]

  • It’s no secret that Virgin Islanders are proud to be born and raised in these beautiful lands. Who wouldn’t be? The Virgin islands offer amazing sites, beautiful cultures and a happy-hour-esque philosophy to life and its challenges. We can see the VI pride in the way we all back Rock City on the world stage or how we would cheer for Tim Duncan…[Read more]

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