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    Do I have to live on the island five-years before what I say is taken seriously? If you stayed through a category five storm, much less two, and the recovery, you’ve earned your props.

    Socializing between communities on the island isn’t as easy as it would seem given the size of the island. Work does allow meeting different people. Few of these meetings go beyond running into the individuals other than on the job. Churches may help. Don’t know about that. Those who went to high school on island seem to have connections. However, do those develop beyond those with whom they went to school?

    The island comes across like different groups eating together in a cafeteria at separate tables. There is a need for group activities with broad based appeal that brings individuals together and allows for getting to know one another.

    Though we are all Virgin Islanders expanding my circle to be more representative of those who live on the island is a personal goal.

    Amaziah George

    MPepco, I have to agree. I’ve always found the Virgin Islands and it social structure to be a little bit archaic. The landmass is pretty small and we tend to find little cliches and sub-groups to mingle with as a coping mechanism. The VI can be very hostile and I think the size has made many of our social interactions a little dramatic.

    I personally would love to see the VIPD and other agencies host block parties to build trust in the communities. At the same time, it’s to people like you and myself to begin forging relationships and friendships that we are least comfortable with. I believe starting at our schools and summer camps can create change effortlessly by simply teaching children that it’s okay to be different to help them build confidence. There are obviously more factors but this is just my take on our social issue.

    Biko McMillan

    When thinking about how Virgin Islanders interact, I think in two different ways. The first is intra-island interaction. Admittedly, I do not know very much about St. Thomas. On St. Croix, however, among my generation, there seems to be a bit of a divide even just between the two sides of the island. Inter-island, there’s a divide among the two districts, both socially and within the way the people perceive the government to treat the districts.
    As far as bonding, those block parties would be great to build trust in communities. The only thing is that the VIPD would need to make sure they keep that energy in practice. Corruption is commonly associated with the department, so they would need to prove that they are not that.
    Additionally, more collaborations between schools on the individual islands and between the islands would tremendously so that students could get to build relationships with each other.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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