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    Politicians see us for the fools they think we are. And, by electing them, despite our knowing that there is a real difference between what they promise during a campaign and what they do once elected, proves that we are the fools they think we are.

    All across the country and more here in the Virgin Islands the newspapers tell of promised new spending initiatives and projects to come post election. In the VI, today, Christmas is the federal government’s disaster assistance dollars.

    First an observation. If we elect someone for two or four years and they do nothing productive- they work at solving no real problems- why do we think they will do anything different if reelected? And, for those running for the first time, why haven’t we heard from them on problems and solutions prior to their announcement? Didn’t they care what was happening before? Will they really care once elected?

    Now a few questions.

    Where were the plans for all of these new projects and program before the storm occurred and federal disaster funds became available? Did those deciding how to spend the now available funds have any ideas for addressing our problems before these dollars became available? Are these new plans what is really needed or are they expanded to equal the available dollars? Does the community get any input in deciding what it needs? Do we really trust our “wise” leaders to make the right decisions and spend the available money correctly?

    In the early days of the recovery we were told that there was a need for local matching contributions for federal funding. No one is talking about what all these federal dollars will cost the VI or where the money will come from. It was only a ten-months ago that didn’t have enough money to meet government payroll!!

    Finally, how many local companies are truly benefiting from the government’s spending of recovery dollars? Undoubtedly there are some sub contractors involved. But, the big winners seem to be companies that have no real history of what the Virgin island are about and need. When the disaster recovery funds run out they will return to where they came from, and, once again, we are left to deal with their mistakes.

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