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    If you traveling by flight, delays are very annoying. But Google Flights can now predicts delays. The prediction is based on historical data and algorithms. The delay can only be seen if Google is 80% sure of it. Google Flights still recommends to go to the airport in time. It hopes to only adjust passenger expectations and avoid surprises.

    Google Flights and your right to compensation
    What is also interesting about Google Flights is that it can help you to know in advance whether you are entitled to compensation. If you arrive at your destination 3 hours or later, you are entitled to compensation from the airline operating the flight. The amount depends on the distance of the flight:

    * flights up to 1500 km: 250 euro
    * European flights and flights between 1500 and 3500 km: 400 euro
    * flights of more than 3500 km: 300 euro (between 3 and 4 hours delay)
    * flights of more than 3500 km: 600 euro (from 4 hours of delay)

    The time at which you arrive is the time at which aeroplane door opens and you can leave the aircraft.

    You are not entitled to compensation in the event of force majeure. Since Google Flights also provides a reason for the delay, you also have an idea in advance whether the airline can refuse the compensation. The airline is usually not allowed to refuse compensation in the event of (sudden) technical problems on the aircraft or in the event of a collision between an aircraft and a mobile aircraft flight.

    The airline may refuse compensation in case of a volcanic eruption, terrorism, sabotage, certain weather conditions and a hidden manufacturing fault. Another blog post has already been written about collisions between birds and airline passengers. The forecast is only an estimate and if the airline refuses to pay compensation, it must provide proof of the force majeure.

    Read the Full Story on how to use google flights here

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