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    The more things change, the more they stay the same­—a familiar saying, but it is hard not to feel that small communities today are facing new threats
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    Justin Moorhead

    I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with Chris talking about his recent experience in a small Canadian community in the Bay of Fundy in Canada’s Nova Scotia Province. Similar to most small island communities in Masachusetts, Maine and maritime Canada that community’s history and economy was grounded in whaling and fishing. Herring and the smoking of that fish sustained the community for many years until environmental changes shuttered the industry. Today, the community summer tourism is the island’s economic mainstay. Interestingly, a brewery operation and a nascent art community are also helping restore economic vitality. The presence of FDR’s summer estate also lures visitors.

    Chris has been writing and posting on VI Cap’s web page and now Under the Market for more than a year. His thoughtful and well documented articles focus on the contributions of the arts to economic development. He also tackles issues of environmental sustainability within the tourism product.

    Chris shared with me that his recent Maine island visited crystalized the importance of looking beyond traditional industries to new variants in an effort to retain economic relevance.

    In an increasingly competitive world small communities must be particularly mindful in realistically assessing their way forward and taking meaningful steps to get to where they desire to be. Leadership is critical in this effort. It helps define direction, focus community action and is the task master that keeps all segments of the community pulling in the same direction to achieve the desired objective. His most recent article, Leadership and Making The Most of Changing Times is a worthwhile read.


    Signed on this morning expecting to see some comment on the refinery agreement. Hhope that reopening of the refinery produces what the newspapers report. My business will do well.

    However, I do wonder how the legislature went about evaluating the proposal. Does it have people on staff who know about refinery operations and oil markets or does it hire consultant’s to do so? This is probably one of the biggest proposals they have been asked to evaluate and they seem to have done it pretty quickly. Have heard some say that they did not take time to do the type of review appropriate for an issue of this importance and we may all be worse off in a few years because they did not do their jobs? Y

    Sorry folk aren’t using this platform to discuss issues like this and share what they know. IT might help some of us better understand aspects of issues important to the community, assuming the comments were informed.


    It is interesting to read your blog post and I am going to share it with my friends.

    Herbew Fentos

    Justin Moorhead

    Glad you are enjoying the articles and discussions, Curt. Please do encourage your friends to join the discussions. If you or your friends would consider submitting an article for the Archive pages, please do so. You can forward it to me through the portal at ‘Contact’ or at

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