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    Biko McMillan

    There needs to be a conversation about regulation within the USVI government. Questions need to be asked about oversight and conflicts of interest. A common problem, though, is that these questions will not be asked, because of a lack of oversight and regulation. It is an oft unwritten rule that one must exercise tremendous caution with whom they speak out against, because there are gatekeepers within the government who have the power to blacklist individuals. Who watches those gatekeepers? Who keeps them accountable?
    Many people make the assumption that complacency is the cause of silence. However, the argument can be made that a fear is the major cause of it. Power requires checks and balances, and it is obvious at times that those checks and balances are few in number.

    Biko McMillan

    The more I think about this, the more I realize how drastically different our lives would be if we actually had a system of accountability. If everyone was held responsible for their actions in government, I can only imagine what our communities would look like. If everyone was aware of the job descriptions of all public officials, we could create a reporting system of whether or not they are doing their jobs, but more importantly, we could know when they are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. The nature of this post isn’t as solution-oriented as it is wishful thinking for what should exist but likely will not for some time.


    Because so many people work for government or look to the government for contracts and those in power view comments that ask them to be accountable as a challenge, few people say what they really think. Even if you’re not involved in government maybe someone in your family is.

    A year or so ago the business community rallied against the governor’s sin tax. Let’s see if those same folk who talked big then will remember to ask all the candidates what their positions are, or will everyone just go along to get along. What I do know, is that if we don’t say and do what we think is best, nothing will change.

    Accountability yeah. Folk will loose their jobs because of an inability or unwillingness to do what they were hired to do. Has anyone heard of anyone loosing their government job for incompetency? I hear of people being fired because they stole money, or not having the right politics, but never for incompetency or poor service.

    George Armstrong

    The USVI government has never had to be accountable for anything, in my opinion. The different articles and trails I’ve heard about financial accountability have never truly been enforced since I’ve been born. Think about how many times we have heard about different departments actually misusing money. Projects getting overbid for the work that was supposed to accomplish hasn’t been completed correctly. Companies coming in with these lifelong leases and they are not accountable to actually fulfilling the tasked at hand, by doing the bare minimum. We the people, the government, are way to laid back when it comes to making sure our government is accountable for their actions. Like you said Biko just imagine how further along we would be if we, the people, the government, enforced accountability.

    Curt Vea

    Yes, I agree about this article because every company need to check their balance for the safety from the corrupted factors in the company. I really like to do this factor to stay able my company and business because all person not honest professional assignment writers their jobs. So owners need to audit the business and always check market condition.


    We have the opportunity to elect individuals who will do a better job. The real question is whether we will show that we really want change. Seems to me that when you say one thing and vote differently you can’t really say you want things to change. Putting the same individuals back into positions of leadership indicates that there really isn’t a desire to change how things are done in these islands. Promising things that will get done in the future while not having delivered in the past shouts out why individuals should not be re-elected.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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